EasterJump into Spring — The Home-Choice Network office staff were “all ears” as they prepared for the Easter holiday..

On a more serious note, please review your severe weather plans. This is the time of year for tornados and sever thunder storms. The Red Cross has a great smart phone app “Tornado” that will alert for tornados and severe weather. In addition, it will list area shelters and other real time information.

Home Bathing Safety

The only place more dangerous in a house than stairs is the bathtub. Bath tubs account for slightly less than half of all falls for a person in the home. As each is aware, bathing preferences are extremely important for how we feel about our-selves. Unfortunately, stepping over the side of a bath tub is difficult. For many lowering into or raising out of the tub is physically impossible—even when grab-bars are in place.

Two options ore now readily available to overcome these difficulties. First, a bath lift can be installed in less than one hour. The installation is drop-in without the need for any construction or electrical modifications. Second, standard bath tubs can be modified by cutting out the side and replacing it with a step-over sill. A new system provides a slide in place panel the allows the tub to be filled with wa-ter for a normal bath experience.

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