Senior Health Tips

Information Checklist for Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies don’t follow a schedule or give advance notice. Nothing can be more frustrating than searching through files and piles of papers to find “necessary” documents for someone in a medical crisis. If you are the designated responsible party you should have a conversation with your loved one regarding the location of certain documents […]

How to Avoid Spreading a Cold

Now is the height of the cold season. One of the best ways to limit the spread of a cold is to follow a few common sense steps, when you are ill. We’re all taught as children that sharing is good, but when it comes to cold viruses, we’re all better off keeping them to […]

How do you tell your parents or grandparents to take better care of themselves?

It’s hard to watch a loved one choose their own suffering. Here’s what to do when your loved one refuses to take good care of themselves. How to Steps: Stop trying to coerce, nag, bully, or talk your family member into taking care of themselves. Doing so never works, it just causes them to rebel […]

Ten Easy Tips for Adequate Hydration

September in North Carolina is routinely one of the hottest months of the year. Many people forget that dehydration is still possible – even in September!  The most effective prevention for heat related illnesses is to keep hydrated. Adequate consumption of water is the most effective defense against heat stroke related problems. In seniors this […]