Beverly JacobsBeverly Jacobs’  voice is for many clients and caregivers is the “official” voice of HomeChoice Network. In her prior roll as scheduling director, Beverly was a very familiar part of the agency. Starting this year, she has accepted a new position—Operations and  Support Manager. In her new role, Beverly will oversee documentation audits, assist with caregiver training , and provide office operations back up. You will also see her out in the community performing supervisory visits to clients and providing outreach to local professionals and businesses .

Beverly is a native of Robinson County. She is the proud mother of five children and the grandmother of four grandchildren. Motorcycle riding is one of her favorite pastimes.

Don’t Break That New Year’s Resolution

The most common resolution is, not surprisingly, is to loose weight. Historically, approximately 85% of the time, this effort ends in failure. The reason is unreasonable expectations. To be successful, consider how long it takes someone to gain weight. It’s been a years long life style process. To lose the weight and to keep it off consider reasonable goals two or three pounds a month. That is a very reasonable schedule. The changes in eating habits and life style can be gradual and sustainable. Consider this, maintaining a three pound per month schedule is thirty six pounds in a year—seventy two pounds in two years.. “Years to Gain—Years to Loose” it’s balanced.

Winter Has Started

It’s not too soon to keep supplies on hand for winter power outages. Do you have flashlights with fresh batteries on hand? It’s a good idea to keep a least one vehicle with 1/2 full fuel tank at all times. Two or three days of prepared food that doesn’t require refrigeration  should be on hand for each member of the household. When possible, refill all necessary prescriptions ahead of time. Lastly, don’t ever use grills or outside use heaters inside to keep warm. Carbon Monoxide is deadly.

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