Fall Risk Reduction

Home-Choice-In-Home-Health-CareIf you are over 65 there is an over 40% chance that you will experience a fall this year.. How big is the problem? In 2010 over 4,700 people were seen in Moore Regional Hospital emergency room for fall related injuries—one of every nine-teen residents..

What can be done to reduce your risk of falling? Address the six areas listed be-low.:

  • Schedule regular appointments with your doctor . During the appointments discuss your fall risk.
  • Keep physically active with a mix of aerobic, flexibility, and weight training.
  • Wear sensible shoes. Check your shoe size, which can change with age.
  • Remove home hazards—throw rugs, cords, and clutter. Add grab bars in the bath.
  • Light up your living space. Consider night lights, illuminated switches, and motion detector lights.
  • Use assistive devices—handrails for both sides of the stairs, raised toilet seats, non-slip treads for stairs, and walkers or canes.

HomeChoice Network can provide a speaker, free of charge, for your organization or club to address fall risk reduction .

Please contact us for details.

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