OldMedicineWhat About the Old Medications ?

Expired Medications

Old and Expired Medication are not only ineffective; they are dangerous to you and to others in ways most don’t realize. First they do not work as designed after the expiration date. Second, many persons will self medicate in combina-tions that far too often have unexpected negative consequences.

Others can be affected in ways we cannot anticipate. Access to the medications by others can lead to and support prescription drug abuse. Small children mistake the pills for candy. Drinking waters have become contaminated with measurable amounts of prescription drugs that have been flushed down the toilet for disposal.

Safely Dispose of Expired or Unused Drugs by taking them to Operation Medicine Drop Off Locations.

  • Moore County Sheriff’s Office—Drop Box in the Lobby
  • Pinehurst Police Department—Drop Box inside the Department
  • Aberdeen Police Station—Drop Box inside the Department

Taking the medications to these locations provides a secure and safe way to dis-pose of unused and expired medications. It’s just the right thing to do.

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