September  Is National Preparedness Month

september-awarenessPreparedness can’t be completed “after the fact”. Now is the time to make the commitment to prepare for emergency events that can be reasonably expected for someone living in the Sandhills of North Carolina.

PREPARATIONS for Hurricanes and for snow/ice storms is very similar.

  • Monitor weather reports and keep a weather band radio on-hand.
  • Insure that a cell phone is charged at all times.
  • Keep drinking water, canned food, and dry food on hand for the family and for the pets.
  • Keep flashlights and fresh batteries on hand
  • Keep a minimum of 1/2 tank of fuel in a vehicle at all times.
  • If possible keep two weeks supply of essential medications on hand.
  • Keep a full tank of propane gas for the cooking grill on hand
  • Keep a Red Cross suggested travel kit on hand for each member of the family.
  • Keep sufficient paper products on hand for hygiene and for eating.

Please evaluate your circumstances to determine if evacuation prior to the onset of a hurricane or an ice storm is the best option for you.

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