Playlists for My Holidays


How do Internet Site and Phone Apps pick your play lists.


There are several ways to predict a person’s favorite music. One way is to use a music taste analyzer tool, such as the one provided by Chosic . This tool analyzes your favorite artists and provides you with a chart of your top genres and moods, as well as song recommendations based on your music taste. It also provides interesting facts about your music personality.


Another way to predict a person’s favorite music is to study their personality traits. Your personality traits are identified by your age, gender, purchase histories, travel data, residence, and profession – among other data. This information is used to construct your “personality profile”


 According to a study conducted by music psychology scholar Adrian North, PhD, people who enjoy heavy metal music tend to be gentle and creative, while classical music fans are smart and reflective . Another study found that people who empathize with others are likely to enjoy mellow but emotionally rich contemporary music ranging from indie rock to country to folk

It’s worth noting that while these methods can provide some insight into a person’s musical preferences, they are not foolproof. Musical taste is highly subjective and can be influenced by many factors, including cultural background, personal experiences, and social environment.